"For Granted (Sleepin' With The Fishes)" lyrics


"For Granted (Sleepin' With The Fishes)"

Woe is everyone these days
You can kill your time just feeling sorry for yourself
You threw the fight to brag about the pain
You felt now you've tied yourself to my feet
Pledging the water's fine indulge
On how those bastards fashioned you those concrete shoes
With you not broken means it's only falling apart
Don't hand me the smoke and blindfold.
Now it's gone too far you're the boy who cried drama,
Slitting throats and taking names
Lord knows if you're gonna say it better believe it and live it.
You gotta. go cry on someone else's shoulder
I swear most days I just can't relate I've lost all the patience
I took for granted I swear I just can't relate
I won't die before someone knows I'm alive
No, and I won't let you do it
Master the curse and never let it slip your mind
Reflect for one second on just how you've changed our lives
Don't you dare jump off the bridge and tell the world I pushed you
Is it just me, or does it smell like something died down here
And you can intend to have the best intentions
But I'm cutting off all those ropes.
You can drown alone now it is what it is

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