"Dead And Loving It" lyrics


"Dead And Loving It"

Do you dream at night of being someone's hobby?
Is it everything you wanted it to be?
Restless audience. Audience, or lack thereof
Tonight's the night I show you what you're made of
When all your heroes die you love them for it
We an only hope to share their fate
I love it when you don't pretend you're like them
Slip on despair and call it fashion
It's in their nature, scares last forever you're not like them
You'll spill your blood, show them all that you're sexy strip for the crowd
You'll never see tell me what's wrong.
You advertised for much more you scribbled out what they came for
Your veins have filled with clay now no one can hurt you but you
Tonight's the night it all comes out
Tonight's the night you break this character destroying you

Thanks to beneggs for these lyrics

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