"Always Talk To Strangers" lyrics


"Always Talk To Strangers"

Now I'm sure that you're just as surprised
As the rest of us at your antics tonight.
Now come on, pick yourself off the floor
And practice your backstory.
Rewrites checked at the door I'm done assuming
Can't you see you're embarrassing yourself?
You look like someone who meant an awful lot to me (you're not her)
But she's not with us anymore. What happened?
I'm shocked and amazed the faces that I loved,
Clearly masking the fake but really, pat yourself on the back.
I gotta hand it to ya you went from being talk with,
Now you're talk about you're not her.
Everyone I know is dead.
Who are these strangers all around me so let me introduce myself.
I'm the one who wasn't kidding all this time.
Lets converse, lets exchange some words.
Now look at us. We're right back where we started

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