"San Mateo Fog Line" lyrics


"San Mateo Fog Line"

Here we go again to the point
Where it becomes a theme
Like “we hate each other, can’t live without you”
But in a rhyming scheme
I have this poison pen as an outlet
But you don’t have a way to lay all the cards on the table
So fold this hand and say “there are many others
who can treat me better than you could”
And I’m sure that given the chance that they would
I am lying when I tell you that my head is doing fine
And I’m as sure as, sure as the San Mateo fog line
As I pass a sign that says no exit
I think of what you said
We’re stuck on this road looking for an answer
That isn’t up ahead
We both know we are like division
Subtraction of ourselves
This could be our purgatory and life could be our hell
I never thought that you would tell me that I had to go
And I took all this for granted that I know
I can never hurt you again if I know you are not mine
And I’m as sure as, sure as the San Mateo fog line

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