"Excuse Me For Being A Businessman" lyrics


"Excuse Me For Being A Businessman"

I miss my California days. I spent every night awake. I heard about a girl back east, and what she thought of me. I was a younger boy back then. I paced the shores where we once kissed, when we were young we were a force to be reckoned with. I've got the keys if you've got the nerve, for what it's worth I came to get what I deserve. Your voice is like a stun gun to my head. I had a plan and things to say. I pushed you in a telephone booth and that was where I kissed you. When it feels like the world is breaking down, and everyone around me is fading, you brought me back to earth again. When you came out to the shows I thought it's cause' you liked the songs we wrote. I prayed that you'd never ever leave. I thought that things would never change. I paced the halls where we once talked. I lost my nerve and I thought about what I lost. It's safe to say this is an end for us. I wish I could say that I really didn't give a fuck.

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