"Land Of Gracious Living" lyrics


"Land Of Gracious Living"

back in the days you said you felt free,
back in that summer you didn’t say a single
word to me
its not hard to see,
we tried but couldn’t be

and every night i get a bad dream
i lay awake and it always seems to feel like nothing
an apology
i probably should still keep

but you spent every other afternoon
finding ways to feel alone,
its nothing short of new

and then that night you tried to blame me
and just as soon i swore i could have seen
you smiling
its a bad dream, its the one you’d never keep

and then that night at our friend’s birthday
you had me by the throat, i can still hear
you laughing
no apology, no getting back at it

but you, spend every other afternoon
finding ways to feel alone, you got everything
to lose

all the bright lights standing in your way
you told to go away
and all the people telling you to stay
they’re just more of the same
if you’d agree, but only if you’d agree

nowadays i catch you drinking
as if there's reason at all to be proud of something
its a feeling, its everything worthwhile

but you spend every other afternoon
finding ways to be alone, i could have used it too

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