"Blurry Photos, Dead Leaves, Decomposed" lyrics


"Blurry Photos, Dead Leaves, Decomposed"

You look like someone
That I used to know
A picture, of a postcard, of a portrait,

And your face is fuzzy,
I can no longer remember your name

It is fuzzy reminder of something this used to be
Just like dead leaves you were dying and changing

And your face is fuzzy
No one wants to die alone

Some afternoons
You don't want to hear
The world will spin without you

Some afternoons
You just want to be
A body laying face down

And as I drift away
Collecting dead leaves and debris
Animals make their homes inside me

My bloated skin takes it all in
The sun is still shining and I'm floating

Here we are, take what you need

My head is no longer attached to my body

Without a sound, leave with me

The world keeps on moving without me
So repurpose my body
Break down my bones, tear my muscles apart, rot my skin
Remove my flesh
Repurpose my body

Here we are, take what you need

And I'm floating

Without a sound,

My head is no longer attached to my body

Leave with me

Repurpose my body

We can no longer just exist
We expire so deal with this
These leaves will die, still you bide your time
The body craves for what it can not resist

Nobody wants to die alone
Even when you're burnt out on the people that you love
I know my hearts still beating the world is still spinning
Even dead bodies change
Nobody wants to die alone

Even with my head detached from my body
My stopped heart already knows
Someday I will die alone, no one wants to die alone
Dear friends, please remember me

Thanks to jamesbliss0 for these lyrics

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