"By Your Side" lyrics


"By Your Side"

I never thought it would come to this, when I was happy nothing ever seemed so gray. Cause I think I'm free to do as I please I cant figure out what's making me bleed, I pray for everything to go away. When I begin to reminisce the nights of panic, feel there's nowhere safe to go. You were always there to get me through the dark, you saved my life like you will never know. Right by your side [x4]. I know that things just wont work out the way you planned them and everyday seems meaningless. You've got to expect that you will regret possibility of posing a threat and try to muster all that you posses. And if you ever need to talk ill be waiting for you to get this off your chest. I am always here to get you through the dark, just know your life wont always be a mess. Right by your side.

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