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A bunch of god-fearing
Hat-in-hand do-gooders
A spineless heap
following dogmas
That tell them
How to act
Providing help
Because their writings tell them to
The dude across the table
Is pretty sure of that

As he tells me how
Women are subject
To subjugation and disgrace
All I can think of
Are the pin-up girls
In his band's practice space
Then he drips Bigmac sauce
On his cargo pants
And his brand-new Nike shirt
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

I guess it's just
Way too convenient
To pick a state of
Total disagreement
Bring on the sledge,
It's time for some bashing
But be quick with what you do
You might learn a thing or two

See, there's a reason
I don't want to be a part of this
But taking off the blinders
Sometimes doesn't go amiss

There's many ways for one
To gain their strength
Some say their prayers
And some watch Breaking Bad
Whatever motivation
That's totally okay
It sure is better than sitting on your ass all day

Bring on the sledge,
It's time for some bashing
Turn up your nose
In true free thinkers' fashion
I call you out
To pick that bone with me
I'm not pro-religion
I'm just anti-bigotry

'Cause I don't give a shit
Why you chose to give aid
If you dread Judgement Day
Or just want to get laid
When all is said and done
You can take action or stay at home
What it comes down to is
You either do something
Or you don't

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