"Simon Breaks Christmas" lyrics


"Simon Breaks Christmas"

The best New Year's Eve I ever had
Was at your place in '03
With my best friends, we blew up cans
And then we watched TV

Now, granted we were not
The most exciting kind of peers
Like the kids from school but it's kinda cool
That we still hang out after all these years

So make it last
Make sure we do it right
Let's get this wreck
Back on the road tonight
We'll crash it into
The nearest concrete wall
And then we dance on the burning remnants
'til the crack of dawn

Head first into every night
The dumbest things and golden times
It's way too much
To cram into these lines

And everything changes
Yeah, I guess it's true
But that's cool with me 'cause it's kinda neat
That after all I still can count on you

So make it last
Make sure we do it right
Let's break some lights
And furniture tonight
We'll blast the speakers
And fill this place with sound
And then we strike the match
And burn it to the ground

Ten years from now
If I hit the ground
I'll look back on those repetitive nights
And I'll be more than happy
To call them the time of my life
What can I say?
Well, every second of it shaped who I am today
And it's thanks to you guys
That the least I can say is
I was so goddamn alive

So make it last
Make sure we do it right
Let's have a drink
Or ten too much tonight
When time stands still
I'll steal your last beer
And I know I wanna be
Nowhere else but here

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