"Two Voices" lyrics


"Two Voices"

A well planned escape,
A plane ticket going one way.
Risk it all for the life you think you need.
Can a beautiful place
Take all your hate away?
I just need to prove that I can get this by you.

And we can say bad things will change
And the positions we play can be rearranged,
Am I missing something?

And we can say bad things will change
And this disease that I face isn't fair to blame,
Am I missing something?

How could I think that I'd be alone on that beach?
I should have known that you'd be right there waiting
Systematically testing for an opening to exploit me,
Will I ever get through this?

What to do when the gears of your mind
Turn in a direction against you?
I know you'll be, I know you'll be with me
Until it's time I decide to lay us both to rest.

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