"Lov'd Alone" lyrics


"Lov'd Alone"

Let me try to explain,
Forgive my hands inside my pockets
They just hide when they shake.
I've settled for less again.

And I should give it a rest,
I've just always had the self-esteem of second best.
It's not me,
It's you and them.

I know it's wrong, know it’s wrong, I just can't get along.
Forgive my unkempt hair and hot-cold heart.
Come on, come on, I just don't belong
And I've got nowhere to go.

And I could use some help,
She's always in her head somewhere else.
Doing something else with someone else.

And I'm not the one in the white box,
She's not the one that's not at fault.
My heads been spinning for months and days.
And If it's all the same, I'll be on my way.

I'm not afraid of myself some days,
I'm no longer in a rut that I cannot shake.
I'll remember river nights and those Sundays,
But if its all the same,
Please stay away.

You run, I chase
'til my legs give way.
But I run, you stay
And find someone to take my place.

I've always known
That we die alone.
I tell myself to just let go
And stop staring at my phone.

Tight lips, hard heart.
Bad end, bad start.
Hard heads learn slow,
Ray knew, but I chose.

Thanks to Gabby for these lyrics

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