"Departures" lyrics



How could I leave you standing there
In tears the same way that I left you before?
I know it seems like I don't care
When all I wanted was to see that scene with you

What could I possibly say?
Departures carried out by plane
(Can I really last here without you?)
(Can you make yourself live with anything?)

I'm feeling so lost by take off
Could it be my heart is home and here with you?
You are all the world like a nest to me
You are all the world like a nest to me

I know it's hard to see why I had to leave
Come back to me, Come back to me

I will become a torch for you, an aerial
I will fall from the sky like ancient radio waves of flawed concrete.
I won't ever forget how you fixed me.
This love between us is ours forever now.

From this infection, hope. From this island, flight.
From this grief, love.
I am the aerial.
In my passing, I will send news to each and every star.

Thanks to Gabby for these lyrics

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