"All The Real Girls" lyrics


"All The Real Girls"

I saw you laugh until you couldn't breathe,
Lost my bike in a pile of leaves.
Turned away from a kissing scene,
This is everything, this is everything to me.

Lay in the grass with the girls we loved,
They always tried so hard to fix us.
Steal more springs to sleep on the trampoline,
Lets put some tension between us now.

And so it brings us back to this.
(I knew it, I knew everything)
So what the fuck were you expecting of me?
(We lost it, We lost everything)

I hope it's still in your heart that we grew up the same.
Was it really the drugs and the drinking?
I hope it's still in your heart that I never changed,
These memories that I can't let you take from me.

Knew the time by planes gone by,
Can we make it home by midnight?
Before locked doors and lights off,
I never thought we'd be so lost.

Don't ever want to forgot the summers spent.
Forgot towels for Reanna's pool again.
Please don't take this away from me,
Please just let me keep these memories.

Kissing girls with my friends around, I used to have it all in one town.
Running from the cops, from teenage roadblocks,
Will we ever make it out of here?
Am I supposed to fall down and let go?
Empty roads and empty shows lets go.
It's nights like these when the smell of pine trees is tearing me apart,
It's the music of our youth, I'll keep and carry in my heart.

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