"30th Street Station" lyrics


"30th Street Station"

I know, I said, don't be like this
You know, you are, what's on the tip of my tongue
I want, so much just to change this.
Your minds made up, I guess it's time to move on
but what if that's not what I want?

There's no such thing
As only friends.
We're over
Means the end.

Lucky for you my life's become your personal turnstile.
For you to come and go whenever you want to.

Just Like the first time that we met
Not like you would remember it
You always did your best to forget
(It’s you and me or you can leave)

Always complain how you never win
Well when I make a list of all the things I hate,
I'll be sure to put you first.

If this was all for nothing, then nothing I am.

Thanks to Gabby for these lyrics

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