"A Bad End To A Worse Story" lyrics


"A Bad End To A Worse Story"

Forget about everything I ever said to you!
No matter what you thought you did, your heart was never true.
I put myself on the line, and you just crossed it.
I would have given up everything, and you would have done the opposite.

So I'll make the best with what I've got!

Sometimes, I wish that I lived a life devoid of sincerity...
'Cause it would be so much
Easier to not feel pain, to not feel anything at all.

I'll never forget the way you looked at me when we were all alone;
I still see the sparkle in your eyes.
No one would ever understand those things that we talked about,
Because we both knew that the best secrets are the ones well kept.

So I'll make the best with what I've got!

I hope you find happiness in the decisions you made.
Life goes on, but things never change,
Like how I gave everything.
It's a bad end to a worse story.

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