"My Hands Are Cold" lyrics


"My Hands Are Cold"

people miserable as fuck because nothing's as it seems,
say goodbye to coming clean of your dreams.
it's too hard to relate when i'm full of so much hate.
it doesn't matter if the clocks held up by splinters
the hands still move round
round and round and round and round
it doesn't matter if you're held up by splinters
you're just mainly sight and sound
could you even feel falling down?
getting older, golden age
i guess i can't see the best untill i've seen the worst
but theres something in my head,
they're fucking with my head.
walk any street they're all the same cause winters home too soon again
a generations vice, slip on ice
feel it coming down tonight
getting older, golden age
can you feel the lies inside?
a place for everything and everything in its place,
it's the same thing every day because we've all run out of things to say.
they're fucking with my head.

Thanks to Ted for these lyrics

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