"Patriot" lyrics



A fire's burning in my eyes.
I'll give my life; I'll fight and die for this country I call my home - this country I call my own.
I trust in those who command me, so I'll fight with pride and integrity
to stop those who would jeopardize the freedom and prosperity of American lives.
So wave that flag and wave it high.
That red, white, and blue bolsters my pride.
It reminds of the freedom I'm trying to save - land of the free, home of the brave.
The war is coming I've heard the call.
Time to fight and give it my all.
America the beautiful, we cannot be beat.
We are the righteous chosen elite.


Let it begin.

But wait a minute it seems I've failed to see; those I trusted have lied to me.
They've used my body like a child's toy, discarding me when I was destroyed.
Now I lay bleeding in the sand; my blood is running through my hand.
I wish that I could stand just once more
to resist the system that left me at death's door.

Let it begin with you.

I will think for myself.
My mind's a gun and these words are the shells.
Assassinate the ideas of old and let it begin.

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