"On Friends And Mistakes" lyrics


"On Friends And Mistakes"

All the same, I wish you'd let a few more grains fall into place
before you make your mark in stone.
This time a shame, to think of all the attempts,
extended hands, and I ask myself what do I have to show?

I never promised you I'd be the perfect someone.
I'm only human, but I'll give you all my heart.
And in the end I hope that that will mean much more.

Once again, seems like I've let myself get in the way,
intentions lost in translation.
Failed to give, what you've never needed,
but it's all for you when all is said and done.

I'll make mistakes, I'll fuck things up.
Perfection? I'm happy being human.
I'll give my all to you.

And in the end I hope that that will mean so much more.

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