"Take It Back" lyrics


"Take It Back"

Take it back cause you’ve always been a part of this
A serial monogamist, you know I’m getting tired of it
And I can’t live for a day this way
Cut me some slack cause you know I try my hardest
To be just what you ask of me, somehow I fail miserably
But I can’t give you away, there’s no way

But you’ve broken my head, yeah you’ve done it again
You swear that you’re leaving, and this time it’s for good
I wish you would, cause you’re always deceiving
You’ve broken my heart,
takes me back to the start where it hurts
But this time I’ll be fine, yeah this time I’ll be fine

I called you back, just to call you out and tell you that
Leaving you was worth the tears,
cause I’ve been worried sick for years
And I feel stronger today, and more me
One thing I lack, is the feeling that I’m meant for someone
Who can accept my flaws, and wrap me up inside their love
Cause you gave all of my faith away

You made your bed now lay in it
It took nine years for me to quit
You made your bed now fuck in it
The lesser of nine years is spent

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