"Pink Tie" lyrics


"Pink Tie"

Got up and left without a warning.
A pregnant woman, on Easter morning.
You were never anything to miss.
Cause to me you did not exist.
But for that woman and that boy you left, I'm saying this.

I'll wear the bright pink tie you wore that day
I'll make the promises you failed to make
I'll be the man you'll never be
And you won't be around to see
The man my Mother made of me
With love my Brother set me free
I'll be the man you'll never be
And you'll have no part of this family

Your body's failing, heart is breaking
But you're too far gone now, you're not worth saving
You never put yourself aside, you just keep bringing seed to life
So I won't be at your bedside to watch you close your eyes and die
So I won't be at your bedside to hold your hand and say Goodbye

I thought I'd make your proud
But you're nowhere to be found
Maybe you'll live it down
The day that you skipped town.

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