"Lost Boys" lyrics


"Lost Boys"

She said to go and get lost boy
I said I’m already dead
How did we get caught in a mess like this?
It’s over, it’s over, it’s over.

Lost boys come together ready or not
my friends and this city are all that I’ve got
gotta get out of this place we take to the streets
with the past to our backs and present under our feet

All we need, is all we are.

Cause I’m leaving, I need this
and I don’t need you.
We’ll survive, you’ll just die
it’s better without you.
You swear to me I’m lost but all my friends tell me I’m not.
Don’t tell me that you love me baby that ain’t true.

Lost boys always keep your heads held up high
gotta do whatever it takes for us to get by
I find out we are never really alone
cause my friends are my family so I’m always at home




Cause you’re jaded, wasted, someone not welcome.
You should never show your face around here.
This is our town, our town.
You’re a liar, a whore, and nothing more.


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