"Looking Back" lyrics


"Looking Back"

I try to find a way out of this hole
But I'm dug in deep, and it's walls are steep
Been down so long it seems like all I've known
I try to find a way to make you see
The good in me, make you believe
I wasn't ready then but I can show you how
I'm ready now

Woah Woah
It seems like it gets harder every year
I took two steps forward but three steps back
Had to take a deep breath before my bags were packed
It's gotta get easier from here
I had to learn to live without looking back
Look inside myself to find the things I lacked

I'm better off without all of your doubt
You don't know me, or who I'll be
And without your help I've grown so much this year
You're scared to take a chance on something real
It's been so long since you could feel
I wasn't ready then but I can show you how
I'm ready now

One thing I've learned is that
Good things will not fall in my lap
I had to work harder and longer
Be smarter and stronger
Than the person right beside me
Have the confidence and common sense
To know there's still something inside me
I gave my very best, with the purest intent
And I'll be proud when I look back

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