"Don't Say" lyrics


"Don't Say"

You left me here and I didn't care
I'd follow you almost anywhere
I didn't mind that you left
Just don't say it's over
Was life so bad on the West Coast?
Is desert air what you needed most?
You're on my mind even though
I know that it's over

I can't wait forever, for you to grow up
I swore I'd never, have to give you up at all

But won't you get away
And just give me space

I'm much too young to be in love
A year behind never catching up
I'm scared to death when we share blood
You're never sober
You fight and shove when you're angry
Were you stable before you met me?
You kick and scream when we're ending
There's no way it's over

Did you forget the way you felt in my bed?
The way it felt when I said that you're all I have
Did you forget to pack your heart when you left?
When we're apart I'm a mess, but you're all I have

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