"Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads" lyrics


"Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads"

You’re not alone
There’s other people in the world just like you
Living their lives even worse than you do
It’s not their fault
You can be happy if you really started living your dream
Making up lies should be the last thing you do
Learn not to trust everyone that’s close to you
And you’ll be okay
You need to be strong for everybody else to believe

Just say what
You’re really feeling towards everything
Stand your ground
And you’ll have all the time to see
Don’t back down
You’ve got to fight to win everything
And you’ll have what it takes to be a man

To be anything you ever put your mind to
Or you’ll spend your life based on wasted youth
Forget all the things they told you
Trust in yourself and then you’ll get through

It’s all the same, don’t be afraid
This isn’t over, you’ll have your time
Make sense of this, and you’ll be safe
From anything, or anyone who knew

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