"This Is My Boomstick!" lyrics


"This Is My Boomstick!"

I thought of looking up today I caved
I knew it would be better off this way
The light had kissed the dark and you
Had the will to say

To say that I was wrong
These things won’t happen to us all
So get use to seeing me
For who I really am

You gave it up just to make a change
(Don’t give it up)
You set it up just to watch it go away
(Don’t set it up this time)
Breathe in the hope, suck in the pain
Before it catches you in vein

I tried waiting for you (for you!)
But you were always so damn tired of me
I had to move forward (forward!)
And I know that you would do the same

After this hell took place
I couldn’t find myself again
It feels like my heart was misplaced
And thrown out just like the rest

You were the best kind of liar
For the fact that you were never honest
So don’t try and blame me
For all of your mistakes

You were the biggest lie
You girls are all the same

What’s left now
Is all but hatred and cheap booze
And that bitchy attitude of yours
You can’t change me
For who I really am anymore
So don’t even try it again

I never meant the things I promised
You always made this hard, for both of us
You will never change
You’ll stay the same forever

You gave it all up, all for nothing
You knew, you had your chance
This was a lesson learned through heart

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