"Flight 815" lyrics


"Flight 815"

You’ll be gone

I’ve been waiting all my life
For this all to make me, who I am
But you keep on bringing me down
Now that I’ve got your attention
I’ll make this as clear as it gets
I’ll get you back for what you did to me

We’ll give it our all
And we won’t be sorry
The things you say we’ll commit to memory

Keep saying all the things, you wanted to say
But just know that they’ll never get to me
And you’ll take the place of falling for me
You won’t go far you’re gonna stray behind
Behind the ones who made you who you are this time
You’ll pay the price for ruining my life

Just give it up for yourself
You knew this would have happened
So save your breath for someone else
I never understood
What you had planned for me
It won't be the end
This won't be the last of me

This was all that I had
And you took it away
But in the end what’s left was my victory
This won’t be the last time
You hear from me
Cause if you come back, you’ll be history

You’ll be history

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