"Cut The Rope (Before It Hands Us Both)" lyrics


"Cut The Rope (Before It Hands Us Both)"

Now the man is on fire
There's death in the kitchen
And I'm sure he won't turn off the lights tonight
'Cause he needs them to see
He needs to prove that he can believe
That on these maps and charts his hard works met her heart
But the lines grow askewed
Like the color of any argument
And tonight the silent host is his decay
Though he knows where she is
She knows exactly where he is
The separation hangs like suicide

But be sure that there's an answer coming one of these nights
Just take a deep breath and close your eyes for a while
Let the strong spring breeze take your temperature down
While you stretch your broken body out
Let the silences of mercy keep a song in your ear
Keep your promise about pity sixty minutes of tears
And so you don't lose hope, I'll lose an hour of sleep
Every night just in case you call

Tonight a woman reflects
On her decisions and comforts
And if she knows how far halfway is after all
And still she won't turn out the lights
And she waits until morning
How long until the answers make their demands
And demand, they will
And in her soul, she knows this
She knows we all have to testify sometimes
If some other white hot lights
To waltz on to crimes
Some just approve that the truth was in them all this time

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