"I'm Not Your Gameboy" lyrics


"I'm Not Your Gameboy"

This is the time to take it all back it's mine
to take back what's not yours i'm not your gameboy
sink stay shy do your showmance don't speak even whisper deceive me with your lies
you're alone left for dead open your eyes it's the end of your time
i refuse to believe anything you says to me my friend you're not my friend anymore
taking this stage to your mind laying back on your throne of lies
playing me like i'm just a game showing off like you are the king
you can't change your past with all heartache and pain
it feels like i've fallen from the sky like the rain
it's like you're my fire, a burning light
they looked backward again and said goodbye
go away! now you say you are lonely now, you say you are lonely now
i have won the things that you've stole from me
i'm taking back what is mine things will never be the same

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