"The Publicist" lyrics


"The Publicist"

While we were sinking-
I was thinking why I should drown myself;
just drag myself down by the weight of lies.
Oh I was dreaming of reasons to leave you behind.
All I needed was to set this aside-

A: "Well I wish that I could choke back all the times that you were
easily amused by letting go."
B "And I know you will never let it down."

And you know why I could never find a friend inside that broken shell
you call yourself.
But, I always loved the way you worked your words around the crowds.

So say I'm so wrong and selfish-
And I'll push and pull through all the teeth that you have grown over the weeks.
But I'll still say that you are the sum of all you problems.
And you know why I have grown to hate the love you say you hold so deep inside;
that hollow "heart" of yours.

You said that we will never be the same again.
And you know I will never let it down

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