"Pretty Boy Floyd" lyrics


"Pretty Boy Floyd"

You are the dust before it rains
You were the precursor to all these thoughts that I'm thinking
No heart, no reason to try and work it out, 'cause what's done is done
"Well I'm over it." - no its just over your head
I bet thats what runs through your mind every time you see my name on your list
You're too scared to type, you're too proud to pick up your phone
Well, you're so sad
And its too bad because this was the biggest mistake that you ever made
Just believe me when I say you're not worth fighting for
So I'm letting go this time
'Cause there are so many things I'd like to say to you
Like step out of the cave and into the light
Feel what it's like to hold some kind of feeling
Stop being such a "realist" for just five minutes please
'Cause all I need is just a little of your time
You pretty boy, your not worth fighting for

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