"My Father, The Fatalist" lyrics


"My Father, The Fatalist"

The Colors Were Captured In ‘89
We Were Two Children
One Six Months
One Thirty-one

I Wished You Had Whispered
“listen Son, A Disease Is Buried Deep Inside Of Me,
And Inside Of You As Well.”

Cause Now I’m Left Waiting
Like Father, Like Son
We Were Both Born With The Damage Done

At Least Now I Know
Death Claimed My Name The Day,
The Moment I Was Born
All Of The Women Who Will Weep And Who Will Mourn
Those That Will Cry Along Side My Casket Have All Been Called
Their Calendars Marked
Cause The Cancer That Will Kill Me Has Been Formed
So I Say
Metaphysics No More
I Sleepwalk With X’s For Eyes
I’ve Got Nothing But Time

Cause Now I’m Left Waiting
Life Father
Like Son
We Were Both Born With The Damage Done

I Always Wondered Why You Ran Away
Idle Time Is All To Blame
The Devils Playground Where You Use To Lay

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