"Linear Skies" lyrics


"Linear Skies"

As the sun sank behind the western range
I realized the first time was so much easier than this
And you know I can't keep playing your games
Forgive and forget, all those things you said back in the day
Well I feel like I'm losing all my faith in you, and all my love again
So just put me on a plane back home back to the east coast
'Cause I miss the smell of the salt and the sight of the ocean
And I'm sorry if it seems like I'm overreacting over and over again
But you're just so full of yourself and you keep on stretching out all these lies you live
The linear skies, all the grids and flat lines seem so synthetic to me
Just like the image you reflect when you gaze into your mirror at night
Phonies and fakes and all the things we agreed that we hate
Oh it's so funny how things worked out. Isn't it?
Well, even I thought that you were the purest person that I knew
But no, we all make mistakes, just some of us chose to learn from them
All these lies you live are killing me, so take me home

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