"Empire" lyrics



And here we are again, buried in my sheets
Your fingers are whispers saying the softest things to every inch of my skin
And even asleep these eyes of yours seem to keep me on my toes
They just swallow me whole and this gift you left for me
Is one to put me to sleep in such a way that I would never want to wake again
Cause we're so good at what we do
With our arms crossed and our fingers locked we work like perfect puzzle pieces
Cut right and formed to fit
But it's so different when I know you've gone
So take me quietly and I'll leave this body behind me
Oh these rhythms of mine are so inconsistent anyway
Just one gasp and I'll be gone
I don't ever want to wake again
So leave the lights off tonight
And I'll use this air as rope to drag myself up through my throat
Cause I get so caught
I get so choked up anyway with any thought of you
Those looks you throw they level me

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