"Deep In The Cell" lyrics


"Deep In The Cell"

The night was still young-
As the snow fell from the sky like shards light from high above the Pru.
Then she said: "Hey, lets leave and find a better place where no one
Will know our names or our faces."
She lead me quietly, holding tight, just like a ghost.
And we ran, and I remember him saying, taped and replying:
"You'll never miss what you forget, so just loosen your hands my friend."
And while she drew in all the air-
Breathing in slowly, so slowly, I said: "Wait, would you just wait
for me? Lets hold out, and hold it in."
Then she whispered: "But still, you'd say they all seem to walk the same way."

But how can you train these legs to stray?
How can I recover here?

So while I lay awake in the dark-
Promise me these dreams will wash this away.
And I will sleep eternally

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