"We're Not Going Down" lyrics


"We're Not Going Down"

We followed a something that we couldn´t name
But soon we found out it was called fame
We upset our values and tried to express
The sweet fucking shit that made us obsessed
Trusted the wrong, realized too late
Flopped too much we almost suffocated
But each of us gave a fuck
Cuz we would die for that shit we created

No way, no way, we´re not going down

Near the graveyard it´s easy to see
Who´s the poodle and who is the tree
And to show that you pissed on the wrong
We put our brand new sunglasses on
I shot the white dove when we stuck in the ground
When it fell down it inspired our sound
Now it´s the time to straighten our spine
You woke up the lion in my new defined crew

No way, no way, we´re not going down

Cuz we rose from the dead again

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