"Sinners Do Better" lyrics


"Sinners Do Better"

And again woke up in sweat
Just me and hatred in my bed
In my dream I stand beside
The man I killed so many times
Preaching your fairytales down on your knees
Cuz I´m not the person you want me to be
Leaders, followers, hell why don´t you see?
It´s just a big sect and it´s so dead to me

There´s no fun if there is no sin
Go fuck yourself if you don´t comprehend
Sinners do better no matter if skater,
Punkrocker, skunk-hopper or analfan

Listen up I´m the new Jesus Christ
I´m the holiness personified
Obey my orders cuz I am your savior
Don´t change reality, change your behavior
Listen up I´m the new Jesus Christ
I´m the Messiah of modern times
No more misleading, no more lies
Burn down the churches
And burn down the Christs

And again you were betrayed
And now you´re looking for some aid
Your reality is gone
So do you need another one?
I could create your personal truth
It just costs all fun of your remaining youth
Remember it´s hard to handle the pain
It´s quite a good price for don´t getting insane

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