"Puppet Of Society" lyrics


"Puppet Of Society"

Hey, what do you think when you get up each day?
Don´t you look in the mirror and say
That´s not me, that´s what I´ve been performing for

Hey, how long will you take this shit everyday?
Realize your doubts won´t go away
Leave your habits behind you and walk out of that door

No one but you has got the strings of your life in the hands
So make the best of it. Let's go!

Hey, do you really believe what they say
Don´t you look in the mirror and say
What you see there is what you should listen to

Hey, tell me do you really wanna be
Anybody´s opinion-zombi?
It´s your life, you decide who decides for you

Mental dependence is nothing to be proud of man
Quit selling yourself and start again

Wake up, wake up, can´t you see?
You´re just a puppet of society

Thanks to broncho for these lyrics

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