"Not My Life" lyrics


"Not My Life"

It took ages to realize
What's breaking my mind
Everything seems to be alright
But when I stop kidding myself
It´s so obvious
Sharing a flat with my steady girl
Got a job, two dogs, my own little world
Maybe that´s just what makes me depressed

Living a dream doesn´t mean it´s mine so
Where is my dividing line?
Reality, hipocrazy, become blurred
I can´t see if it´s me

Oh oh oh that´s not my life

It took quite long to finish that song
Meanwhile I got rid of that girl
So summer here I come
But for some reason there´s still
Pressure on my chest
I´m dying cuz I´m still living in frustration
Lying when I say I need no medication
I´m incomplete and my sparestore is a mess

Thanks to broncho for these lyrics

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