"Misery Loves Company" lyrics


"Misery Loves Company"

Once again we try to drown the harness
And it works pretty well to be honest
Caught in a loop the misery is repeating
That shit lets me forget about my good breeding
Get drunk! No one ought to suffer
Down it lets go get another
It's just a welcome change
That saves me from going down the drain

We are on a killing spree
Turn healthy brain cells to debris
A privilege for you and me
And also for humanity
Misery loves company
Misery loves company
So let's get drunk to feel free
Misery loves company

Once again we try to get wasted
There´s nothing we´ve not already tasted
We´re not chary what matters is the result
And the effect is well known
Get trashed! Come on follow suit
You know that we´re all in cahoot
I know you feel the same
There´s no need to be ashamed

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