"Life Of An Optimist" lyrics


"Life Of An Optimist"

Life´s colourful indeed said the local chimney sweep
Life´s just a matter of interpretation
Start living easily with a positive mentality
Maybe you ought to review your situation
Don't you think so?

If you feel alone, there´s just you and your stereo
Pump up the volume cuz you´re real well off boy
Don´t you think so?
You´ve got a stereo

If you feel unfree, start peening off your balcony
If you see a rood just turn it upside down
You pull the ropes
Oh oh don't you think so?

Don't care if half full half empty or both
With enough glasses you´re king of the hosts
Even if we´ll see the end of the world
We will die laughing cuz satan´s a girl
In our world

If you feel unsure, your view seems to be obscure
Start filling in the crossword with a biro
Don't you think so?
It's your scenario

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