"Idiocracy" lyrics



Featuring The Infested

Maybe not tomorrow or this century
But it comes, the age of idiocracy
You might disavow but it already began
A threat without contingency plan
The stultification of the whole civilisation
Is in store and not only for developing nations
Retards are breeding, but the smart are too smart
Future´s getting hard

Knowledge is dying, we missed the count down
We´re already part of a mass dumbing down
There is no getting, no, there is getting
No, there is no getting around

Revolution, there's no future
There's no need to think for ourselves
We're born to buy, we cant deny
We're on a one way train to this hell
We can't compeed with the dumped down
Our futures inevitable.
We'll consume, reproduce and repeat
We're all dead fuckin meat

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