"Global Unity" lyrics


"Global Unity"

Featuring Night Gaunts and the Stupid Stupid Henchmen

Every time somebody asks me if I'm superstitious
A little man in my head turns the switch to supervicious
Is my crew religious? Is my my poo delicious?
Fuck you stupid bitches especially Sarah Palin
Knock, knock, who's there?
Charles Darwin, fuck off!
Why don't you concede that your end is not far off?
You just have to see that simply everything
Seems to be inexplicable til you know the explanation

Its a global unity
Of religion enemies
HereĀ“s your opportunity
Join the global unity!

The main idea I find concerning is god is an external being
And the man being placed upon this earth is separate from the universe
We are product of its nature a conscious wonderful creation
Look within and you'll find heaven
Churches try to keep it hidden
We will all wake up and then we will all see
That I am you and you are me projecting our reality
We will all wake up and then we will all see
If I am you and you are me that we re a global unity
Join the global unity!
Join the global unity!
One people, one world, one consciousness
One people, one world

As I sit back relax, steam a blunt, sip a becks
Think about the past wars and reflect on whats next
I'm going door to door letting everybody know
Its your life to own and that this worlds yours to hold
I bought a ton of rope to lynch the leaders of the world
So the common person has a kind of meaning and a role
And when I roll outta bed the clouds open for the sun
And tho the worlds in ruins were all together cleaning up

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