"Friday Night Riot" lyrics


"Friday Night Riot"

Every year when spring awakes we all can hardly wait
To leave our fucking country even it´s just for three days
Packed up with booze and with nothing to loose
Our destination is Belgium/Meerhout!
Back on the road again, arrival 10 am
Cars and cloth are smelling like the armpit of He-Man
Tents we setup later lets go rocking to some bands
And if we´re drunk we will burn down securitymens pants singing

Friday night riot! So here we are now
Join the black cloud that passes your camp right now
Friday night riot! So sing along now
Kickass party with the sinners won´t you follow?

When the black shadows meet my flesh begins to creep
And the tension in the air causes the quake under my feet
The piss in the cans, the juice in my vans
Have the same fucking temperature and the same parents
But we don´t give a damn cuz riot is the plan
What are 30 degrees if you can drink as much you can?
Yellowboys beware of the united human rage
You cannot stop us cuz you don´t have such a giant cage

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