"Crossing Borders" lyrics


"Crossing Borders"

Panic, tachycardia
Persecution mania
Breaking into a fucking sweat
Shaking, nearly going mad
Rush of adrenalin
Take me to the loony bin
Border within eyeshot
But we like the thrill

So that's ok
We feel great cuz we do it voluntarily
No guts no glory no risk no reward

Crampy guts, emetic smell
Itchy rectum fucking hell
Jumpy like a little fawn
I can see the break of dawn
Pupils are a giveaway
We don't give a fuck today
Though we all are yello
But we like to say

We like the tension and we like the game
To slip through their fingers again and again
Poor little tomcats, there are to many mice
You suck cuz not only your coat is full of lies

Thanks to broncho for these lyrics

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