"The New York Chainsaw Massacre" lyrics


"The New York Chainsaw Massacre"

Featuring Austin Carlile from Of Mice & Men

Show me one fucking reason
Why I shouldn't break your knees.
I'll tear you limb by limb.
Then you'll know what real pain is.

Hearing you scream is so appealing.
(Fuck yeah!)

I'm gonna take my time tonight
They won't find you in the morning
Cause you'll be locked up in my trunk
And I'll be on my way to dig your grave
And drown you in the kerosene
Cause I'm feelin' kinda hot tonight
Yeah I'm feelin' hot tonight.

Listen close,
Listen close when I'm fucking talking
You'll never guess what's in store for you.

Listen close
Listen close when I'm fucking talking
The consequences are way past due.

Look at me
Look at me one more fucking time
I swear this will be the last face you'll ever see.

Look at me
Look at me one more fucking time
And beg for mercy.

You turned your back on me
When I needed you most.
Look at me now
I'm on top of the world.

Get fucked!

Listen close,
Look at me, I'm care fucking free.

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