"Do I Stink Like Shit?" lyrics


"Do I Stink Like Shit?"

Spill your guts under the train for me
don't regret what you can still make right
the hardest thing for me to change is myself when I'm alone
so take a look around
I'm standing in front of my friends
I know they'll catch me when I fall

All those times we spent as kids
I never thought it would amount to this

I'll never be the same again
I cherish the decisions I have made
I'll remember these nights for the rest of my life
No matter where my life goes
I'll always have this in my heart and in my mind

You tried to tell us the end of the story
so will you keep us in your eyes even when we're gone.
You'll try your hardest, but you won't save me from anything
I hate to say this, but baby, we're not even listening
I tried to hard to live my life today, but I hear tomorrow whispering

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