"Rags To Rags" lyrics


"Rags To Rags"

I’m not free, I never was
Hangin’ out with societies failures, all I got
Don’ t know what you want
but I know what you need
Hard lessons learnt wear ‘em on your sleeve
step out of the cold and move to this beat

If the fight gets hot, the songs get hotter still
If the going gets tough, the songs get tougher still
In your darkest day there to guide your way
to your day in the sun to give thanks and praise
Stand up, stay true, stay strong
it’s the only way

From rags to rags I’ve spent every shell
When you’re stuck in third gear it’s like there’s no way out

All I wanted and all I got
comes from these three chords
don’t break my heart
Give me strength, turn up the stereo
Give me a voice, give me somewhere to go
I’ve come to far, I can’t back down

I’ve come too far I can’t back down
keep on keeping it on ‘til the music shuts down
My wage is gone it was too hard to keep
but singing from the heart seems to shed some light in the dark
So I’ll sing out sing loud at the crowd about glory days

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