"Her Town" lyrics


"Her Town"

She’s on the street at just fourteen
she’s sellin’ art she’s sellin’ poetry
she’s got her dad’s leather jacket
got a goon bag a bottle of pills
It’s not the life she sought
more of a last resort
but since those bastards kicked her out
Well this is all she’s got

Give her some time, she’ll tell her stories
but there ain't one of tears to glory
A new born sister she’s never laid eyes upon
born with the same affliction - her mother’s addiction

This is her town tonight
from the courthouse steps to the casino light
This is her town tonight
street smart sister’s gonna make it alright

She hopes the time will come
where she will find someone
To take her out of this hole
to a little place in the sun
She’s gonna change her ways
stay off the booze and haze
Take the first job she can get
and find somewhere to stay

Then came a boy who said his heart was true
we’ll take this world baby just me ‘n’ you
He took her and her money for a ride and left her with a broken heart again
she took the next lift outta town on the northbound train

She never settled down, no she moves from town to town
She’s like a ghost now, you might’ve seen her but you’d never know
She’s in a squat in London town, roaming the hill tops of Chile
In a valiant coupe with the windows down on the Gunbarrel Highway
She is freedom, the night sky her only friend
She is freedom, a soul rebel to the end

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