"Armageddon A.D." lyrics


"Armageddon A.D."

Ignorance is bliss? Was there an exit sign I missed?
I’ve seen so much trouble on this road I travel
I carry it with me over dirt and gravel

you take the overnight express, or the back road travelled less
I say it ain't so much about where you’re going
but where you came from is just as well worth knowing

You gotta listen before you sing aloud
it’s not in scripture, you can’t read about it
and when you taste it, you gotta savor that before
Armageddon’s at your door

When the clouds roll in so black, creep in the thoughts you should turn back
but this is how you’ve been torn since the day you were born
Just know the night is darkest before the dawn

When that sky has fallen down, and only baron waste surrounds
just scratch the surface ‘cos here what grows
Is worth so much more than you’ll ever know

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